MC for Architects

Architectural design, as any other professional activity, is going through a very important transformation process: projects have become increasingly complex and globalised in an arena which, in turn, becomes more competitive and aggressive with every passing day.

Achitecst are rethinking their structures and feel the need to rely on new professionals to develop their business, in the same way every company does. For this reason MC International has decided to widen its own offer of services by creating a division dedicated to architecture firms: MC for Architects, whose responsibility falls under an expert in the field.

Thanks to its solid experience in terms of business development, MC gave birth to this new division to support architecture firms and interior design ones, with the aim of helping architects to be well positioned in the market and capable of adopting the most appropriate internationalisation strategy.

In order to guarantee commercial opportunities and to increase visibility, every architect has to identify strategic geographical areas and create, within each of them, synergic networks coherent with her/his professional identity.

MC for Architects deals with:

  • the creation of strategic plans for international development
  • the activation of contacts to establish relationships with potential influencers in the sector and/or new customers
  • the support in the phase of promotion among developers, companies and stakeholders (included governamental and local authorities)
  • the ideation and coordination of dedicated promotional events as well as the analysis of the major events in the field, in order to identify the opportunities to participate in them.

Beatrice Vegetti

Referent for MC for Architects

Passion for architecture and interior design led her to deal with different areas of the same sector: after studying at Politecnico di Milano and at the University of Wester Australia, she enriched her career as an architect with an increasing number of research projects and activities, which she interweaved with her solid experience as a juornalist, communication consultant and international public relations specialist (as a PR she worked both for the corporate sector and for international firms).

She has extensive knowledge of the contract sector, thanks to the experience gained as chief editor of a specialised magazine, her career as press officer and her job as strategic marketing specialist where she focused on market positioning and broadening the visibility of clients.

Thanks to her in-depth knowledge of business dynamics, products and actors operating in the field, she contributed to the interior design debate as lecturer and moderator during several conferences and meetings.